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For those tuning in to our discussion from afar, it may be helpful to get a little background info on Crewdson’s work.  Here are some links that may be helpful.

First, a five-minute interview with Crewdson in which he talks about his process. Moreover there is video of the production of his photos and images of his photos:


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For those interested in reading more of Nancy Nersessian’s work, she has many of her publications available on her homepage.  Of particular interest for those following our discussion from afar are the preface to her new book, Creating Scientific Concepts and her articles “Hybrid Analogies in Conceptual Innovation in Science” and “How do engineering scientists think? Model-based simulation in biomedical engineering laboratories.”

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This semester, the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology is doing a lecture series entitled Creativity in the Age of Science and Technology. The events are as follows:

Jan 21
Dean K. Simonton, PhD – Scientific Creativity: The Science and the Art
Jan 28
Nancy J. Nersessian, PhD – How Do Scientists Think? Creative Processes in Conceptual Innovation
Feb 3
Gregory Crewdson
Feb 17
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, PhD – Flow and the Quality of Life
Mar 11
Robert J. Sternberg, PhD – Creativity is a Decision
Apr 8
Raffaello D’Andrea, PhD – Engineering without Constraints

Students in HUHI 6305: Creativity in Science, Technology, and Medicine will be writing responses to the Speakers here on the blog. We welcome comments from other attendees and interested folks!

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Posts below this one reflect readings and discussions from HUHI 6305: Science, Values, and Democracy in Fall 2009. To read those posts from the beginning, start here.

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